Jun 26: A lost episode of Sesame Street, Beyonce on compact disc, another VHS selling for way too much and more

  1. A lost 1976 episode of Sesame Street that was deemed "too scary" by parents has been rediscovered and safely archived by the Library of Congress. Decide for yourself by watching the video here.
  2. Is this the sign that CDs will trend again? Beyonce is releasing a special edition CD box set of her new album Renaissance. If you're going to buy Bey on compact disc, we've got a selection of CD players ready to go. 
  3. Planning to thrift your next 35mm point and shoot? Careful not to grab an APS film camera (marked with this logo), which requires special film no longer being produced. Read this deep cut about the actually genius Advanced Photo System and why it ultimately failed. 

  4. Check out this recent shoot of the NY Giants on 35mm film, all taken with a disposable camera.
  5. Great Scott! A sealed VHS of Back To the Future just fetched $75,000 at auction. If only we could build a time machine to hoard VHS tapes in the 80s.