Jun 19: The end of Internet Explorer, a record player from IKEA, a FurnGully remastering and more

  1. Internet Explorer, Microsoft's 27-year-old legacy browser, is officially laid to rest. At its peak in 2003, Internet Explorer accounted for 95% of the market.
  2. A 100-year-old Leica camera recently went at auction for a record $15.1 million, making it the most expensive camera ever sold. This particular model was the personal camera of Oskar Barnack, the inventor of the 35mm Leica. 
  3. IKEA has announced plans to release its first record player later this year. The design is purposely bold and chunky as opposed to slim and discrete. 

  4. Have you ever noticed that most clock and watch advertisements show the time as 10:10? There are several reasons why this is the favored choice of marketers. We, uh, take more creative liberty with our photos. 
  5. The 1992 eco-disaster film FernGully: The Last Rainforest is getting a 4K restorative makeover in celebration of its 30-year anniversary. Not surprisingly, the conservationist messaging is still relevant three decades later.