Apr 24: The cassette aux adapter, a rare Commodore prototype, a new show from Cousin Greg and more

  1. We're heading into Weekend 2 of Coachella — and whether you love or hate music festivals, you'll probably enjoy this Pavement performance from the first-ever Coachella way back in 1999. While it was a first for Coachella, it was a sign of the end for Pavement — they’d break up about a month later.
  2. "Let's hear it for the cassette aux adapter, the greatest in-car entertainment invention of all time."

  3. For the low price of $35,000, you could be the proud owner of an extremely rare Commodore 65 prototype computer. Here's the eBay auction for those who have some extra cash to spare. (FYI, the auction ends Sunday afternoon.)
  4. Over on Instagram, @muppethistory is "a fan page dedicated to continuing the spirit and silliness of Jim Henson." This is our idea of perfect online content.

  5. Cousin Greg from Succession (a.k.a. Nicholas Braun) is developing an HBO series about early-aughts indie rock music. You've caught our attention! 

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