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Article: May 29: The end of public payphones in NYC, why Game Boy screens are green and more

May 29: The end of public payphones in NYC, why Game Boy screens are green and more

  1. The last free-standing, public payphone has been removed from NYC (there are technically still a few on private grounds or in group fixtures), which has us feeling nostalgic. Enjoy the crowd-sourced Pay Phone Museum for a peek at these soon-to-be defunct machines spotted throughout the country.
  2. It's already been a year since we built the Fendi x Polaroid 600 cameras, and we still get a kick out of seeing them pop up on social media.

  3. When couple Peter Kriss and Nate Pinsley moved into their new home on Fire Island, they discovered a stash of milk crates filled with old one-off mixtapes. These cassettes ended up being a treasure-trove of music that "capture the sonic evolution of disco into more modern house music." The digitized collection is worth a listen. (P.S., Fire Island also has a rich history with Polaroid photography.) 
  4. Expose Both Sides, or EBS, is a method of shooting film where you shoot a roll first with the emulsion facing the lens (the normal way) and then again on the reverse side of the film. It produces some pretty other-worldly results with very strong red tones. Check out this helpful tutorial if you're ready to give it a try!

  5. Ever wonder why the original Game Boy screen was that "pea soup green" color? Take a deep dive into some of the manufacturing decisions made by Nintendo in the late 80s that ended with giving the green screen the green light. And if the green isn't your thing, we have some modernized options.

Original Game Boy screen