May 22: The Oregon Trail on a Mac OS 8.1 emulator, a new disc format, the Akira and Canon crossover and more

  1. Experience Mac OS as it existed in the 90s on this nostalgic OS 8.1 emulator. We highly recommend playing The Oregon Trail (found in the games folder).
  2. Polaroid aficionado Jim Skelton built the ultimate Frankenstein camera using a Polaroid SX-70 and a 450 packfilm camera, and it yielded surprisingly gorgeous photos. See more of Jim's packfilm collection on his carefully curated webpage.

  3. The folks at Input did the brave work of tracking down and playing a copy of the long lost Grey's Anatomy video game. Game play focuses on navigating romantic relationships while occasionally performing surgery. If this isn't the ultimate coalescence of gaming objectives, we don't know what is.
  4. A new analog medium for recorded sound? Producer T Bone Burnett has revealed a new disc format called Iconic Originals that combines characteristics from both CDs and vinyl to create "the pinnacle of recorded sound." Until it's on the market, we suppose plastic discs will suffice.

  5. Four years before the 1988 release of his classic anime “Akira", artist Katsuhiro Otomo made two commercials for the then-new Canon T70 35mm camera. Originally released in Japan, at least one of them was translated to English for the European market. The character design is near identical to what he’d later use for the film and, perhaps unsurprisingly, a Canon sticker appears on the red motorcycle of Akira’s protagonist, Kaneda. 

Katsuhiro Otomo Canon T70 35mm camera