May 15: Irresistible kitchsy twee style, fruit sticker art, the end of the iPod and more

  1. A former Gap employee is on a quest to collect every in-store playlist from 1992 through 2006 — and you can listen to what he's found so far on his Spotify profile. These eclectic mixes are guaranteed to invoke some serious '90s nostalgia.
  2. The foodies at Bon Appetit boldly claim that "Fruit stickers are better art than anything Andy Warhol ever did." That may or may not be true... but this warm weather does have us craving some sweet citrus, and these stickers are pretty cute.

  3. Whoa: Next month, Heritage Auctions will hold its first-ever VHS-only auction. The auction will feature more than 300 VHS titles and is expected to pull in between $500,000 and $1 million.
  4. If you're chronically online, you've probably already heard of the so-called twee revival of 2022. In the podcast episode "Twee, or The Gentle Revolution," the hosts of Nymphette Alumni examine why Zoomers are nostalgic for "anachronistic child-grandma garb" and "fetishizing physical media."

  5. Your trusty ol' iPod is going to be an antique soon. Earlier this week, Apple announced it's discontinuing the iPod Touch — the last iPod model in production. We'll miss you, buddy.

iPod gif