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Article: Oct 24: The original Mario show, an Arthur reboot, horror VHS and more!

Oct 24: The original Mario show, an Arthur reboot, horror VHS and more!

Mario on the big screen
The new Mario movie is getting a lot of buzz right now due to the interesting voice-casting choices. While we all await the coming full-length feature, let us remind you of this absolute gem. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! came out in 1989 and featured a bizarre combination of live action and animated shorts.

Mario and Princess Peach

Music for plants (and the people who love them)
Read about the curious story of Mort Garson's album Plantasia. Written and produced as a promotional freebie item for a boutique plant store, this "techno-naturalistic" album eventually gained a cult following. And if you're looking for a hard copy, we have a handful left in stock!

Plantasia by Mort Garson

New from NINM

We are obsessed with this new product concept from NINM Lab. It is a cassette player that includes a special music transmitter tape that can sync via Bluetooth, allowing you to play music from your phone through the tape in any cassette player. For about $113 + shipping you can back the Kickstarter and get your own unit in early 2023!


Horror VHS 

Get in the spirit of spooky season by checking out this compilation of 80s horror VHS cover art. The hook lines and back cover descriptions are standalone amazing and worth the read. Death Spa, for example, promises you'll sweat blood, while Chopping Mall teases, "Where shopping costs you an arm and a leg!"

Chopping Mall cover art

Our favorite aardvark
The award-winning kid's show Arthur is getting a podcast reboot about 8 years after the show left the air and 26 years after the first episode. Somehow Arthur still has his headphones on wrong after all these years.