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Article: Oct 2: A basement video rental store, autoharps, adult Happy Meals and more

Oct 2: A basement video rental store, autoharps, adult Happy Meals and more

Basement video store

Someone spent their quarantine building a video rental store in their basement and the details are incredible. Complete with wall-to-wall VHS shelving and a viewing room with the ability to play multiple formats (including laser disc!), this basement build-out has us ultra jealous.

Basement video rental store

Another film to try 

There are some new films and single-use cameras on the market and the sample imagery we've seen is all really beautiful. These motion picture films give really striking color results. See the collection here!

Film photograph

Autoharp appreciation
Take a deep dive into the surprisingly rich history of autoharps, including digital synthesized iterations such as the Suzuki Omnichord. Autoharps go as far back as the late 1800s and have been notably played by national treasure, Dolly Parton.

Dolly Parton playing her Autoharp

Horror VHS
There is a very niche market for vintage horror tapes, with certain titles selling for hundreds of dollars depending on the rarity. This lot on eBay is ending today (10/2/22) and has quite the selection. Read about the interesting world of VHS collecting and why horror is one of the most popular genres to hoard.

Horror VHS tapes

I'm lovin' it
McDonald's will soon be offering adult Happy Meals with very nostalgic vibes. Designed by Cactus Plant Flea Market, the meals will contain one of four McDonald's characters. If you need a canonical refresher of the individuals that have graced McDonald's marketing over the years, this wiki gives a thorough review. (Who in the heck is CosMc?)