Mar 27: A worldwide mixtape exchange, Polaroid gear on the big screen, Q Chords and more

  1. Film on film! Letterboxd user "loopdloop" is working on a comprehensive list of movies where Polaroid pictures are taken, shown or discussed. A few of our favorites: Almost Famous, Boogie Nights, Beetlejuice and Thelma & Louise.
  2. Check out this Q Chord demo video featuring one of the pioneers of soft rock, Steven Bishop. Remember him?

  3. If you've read previous editions of Away Message, you already know we love Geocities. Cameron's World is a gaudy, over-the-top tribute to the web hosting service that — dare we say — changed the world.
  4. Just Like Us is an addictive podcast series all about the tabloid battles of the early 2000s. If you're nostalgic for the Bimbo Summit era, you'll be obsessed with this in-depth critique of celebrity culture. (They also talk about photography a lot, too.)

  5. Over on Instagram, Mixtape Exchange is creating an "international mixtape cassette trading network." If you've always wanted to send or receive a handmade mix from a total stranger, here's your chance. Need some mixtape inspiration? We've got plenty.

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