Mar 20: A guy has a video rental store in his basement, the original Space Jam website, our Tumblr and more

  1. In honor of Women's History Month, we're listening to some of our favorite records from NPR's definitive list of The 150 Greatest Albums Made By Women.
  2. Are you in need of some mellow music for working or studying? Check out this "Relaxing Video Game Music in a Cozy Room" compilation on YouTube.

  3. We want to live in this incredible basement-turned-video store, and we're super jealous of the creator's epic VHS collection.
  4. Speaking of VHS tapes, have you seen the 1996 Space Jam website? :) They liked the design so much they used it again when the reboot came out last year.

  5. If you're into vintage design and typography, you'll probably like our new Instagram, @retrospekt_archive. We're finally sorting through our massive collection of Polaroid paraphernalia. There's also a Tumblr, if you still use that. (Do people still use that?)

Polaroid paraphernalia gif