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Article: A Sun-Kissed Polaroid Camera for the Ultimate California Girl

A Sun-Kissed Polaroid Camera for the Ultimate California Girl

Malibu Barbie Polaroid Camera

One of Retrospekt’s best-selling products is our Polaroid 600 Barbie Throwback Instant Film Camera. Released early last year, the pink, purple and green camera takes inspiration from the original Barbie Polaroid camera released in the late ‘90s. Following the great success of our most fun and feminine camera yet, we were eager to create a second Barbie camera with a whole new look and feel inspired by the ultimate California girl herself. Meet the Polaroid 600 Malibu Barbie Instant Film Camera

Released in 1971, Malibu Barbie was a departure from her 1960s counterparts. Some may say the demure dolls of the prior decade were a bit cold, with their pursed lips and mysterious sideways glances. Their coiffed hairstyles and formal fit-and-flare dresses reflected the structured styles of the decade worn by housewives and working women alike. But as the swinging ‘60s came to a close, it was time for Barbie to change with the times. After all, she is known for always being on-trend! 

Malibu Barbie Dolls

Upon her debut, Malibu Barbie had a brand-new face sculpt with a wide smile and — for the first time ever — eyes that were facing forward. Malibu Barbie’s modern makeover was inspired by the budding feminist movement and the ongoing fight for women’s equality. Along with her fresh face, Malibu Barbie also had sun-kissed tan skin and long, blonde hair going down her back. After taking a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway, Barbie became a certified California girl with a brand new attitude and style to match.

Though many people believe Barbie is a Golden State native, that’s actually not the case. In fact, Barbie and Retrospekt have something in common: both are from Wisconsin! Retrospekt is located in Milwaukee, while Barbie is from the fictional town of Willows. (Yes, this is actually canon.) We can only assume that Willows is located near picturesque Door County. Released in 2014, the Cherry Pie Picnic Barbie from the “Willows, WI Collection” is dressed in a cherry-print blouse and has a plastic pie that looks good enough to eat. 

malibu barbie polaroid instant camera by retrospekt and mattel

Speaking of plastic, each officially licensed Malibu Barbie Polaroid Camera is housed in a colorful new body featuring a warm color palette inspired by the ‘70s. The camera’s gorgeous gold, peachy pink and sky blue hues will have you yearning for some fun in the sun. Meantime, the camera’s internal parts are from original Polaroid cameras first released in the 1980s or 1990s. They’ve all been carefully refurbished by our team of technicians to ensure everything is in working order.

malibu barbie camera stickers

Right out of the box, this sun-soaked camera is guaranteed to help combat the winter blues — and the included sticker sheet gives you the perfect opportunity to make the camera uniquely yours! Ornament the camera of your California dreams with over 20 stunning stickers featuring retro Malibu Barbie graphics, including a groovy van, a radiant rainbow and of course, Barbie herself. 

Party like its 1971 and experience the magic of instant film with our Polaroid 600 Malibu Barbie Instant Film Camera — available now!