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Article: Picture-Perfect Presents for Analog Addicts, All Under $40

Picture-Perfect Presents for Analog Addicts, All Under $40

Retro Tech Gift Guide

Nearly every holiday gift guide since the dawn of the millennium has featured a “Best Tech Gifts” section loaded with the latest innovations from Google, Apple and Amazon. While very few people would say no to a new pair of AirPods, here at Retrospekt, we like to take things old-school. Our idea of a perfect present is something vintage-inspired that will immediately catch the eye (or ears!) of the lucky recipient.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s guaranteed to invoke serious 20th-century nostalgia, you’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of affordable, analog options for everyone, including picky teenagers, dads who have everything and moms who say they don’t want anything. All of these gifts make perfect stocking stuffers priced at $40 or less - and shipping is always free in the U.S.

Polaroid 600 Film

Polaroid 600 Color Instant Film - $22

It may seem obvious, but there’s no better gift for an instant photographer than a pack of instant film. Just make sure the person you’re shopping for has a Polaroid 600 camera, not an SX-70 camera.

Kodak M38

Kodak M38 Reusable 35mm Film Camera - $34

A great gift for budding film photographers, this easy-to-use camera is ideal for those who have never shot on 35mm. All the user needs to do is load the film, point and shoot. When the roll is complete, it can be dropped off at a photo lab for development. (We also offer 35mm film processing thanks to our friends at Murray Photo.) 

Looking for some film? We suggest these affordable, tried-and-true options for beginners.

A Very She & Him Christmas Cassette

A Very She & Him Christmas Cassette Tape - $15

Celebrate Christmas on cassette with our third exclusive release. A Very She & Him Christmas is the perfect soundtrack for gift wrapping, cookie baking and decorating Christmas trees — and the glittery red tape will add some festive flair to any cassette collection.

Kodak 35mm film canister

Kodak Classic 35mm Film Storage Case - $30

Keep those precious rolls of 35mm film safe in this vintage-inspired film storage case from Kodak. Each plastic case holds up to five rolls of film and easily fits inside a camera bag. (Tip: Keep the case in your fridge or freezer!)

MicroArcade Games

Micro Arcade Games - $19

Take classic arcade games to go with these handheld versions from Super Impulse. No wifi connection is required to play Pac-Man, Oregon Trail, Dig Dug and several other iconic ‘80s games. We especially love the nostalgic sound effects, and we think your gift recipient will too.

Polaroid Photo Albums Christmas gifts

Polaroid Photo Album - Large - $28

Of course, Polaroid photos look great displayed on desks and refrigerators, but they look even better inside this luxe photo album. With room for up to 160 photos, this album turns single analog snaps into a gallery of mini masterpieces.

Polaroid Photo Album - Small - $16

This is a smaller version of the photo album mentioned above. It’s almost the same size as a Polaroid photo and fits up to 40 snaps. This compact album fits just about anywhere but looks extra cool on a coffee table.

Lomo point and shoot

Lomography Simple Use Point And Shoot Camera - $24

This reusable point and shoot camera comes preloaded with a roll of Lomography Color Negative ISO 400 film. It doesn’t get easier than that! Plus, the camera comes with three gel flash filters to create bold, one-of-a-kind shots.

The Polaroid Book

The Polaroid Book - $19

The Polaroid Book from Taschen adds some analog awesomeness to any bookshelf or coffee table. Featuring more than 250 instant photos from photographers both known and unknown, this book will get those creative juices flowing and inspire Polaroid photographers to make the most of their eight frames.

Polaroid photodarium photo calendar 2012

Photodarium Calendar 2021 - $39

The Photodarium 2021 tear-off calendar celebrates the art of instant photography, showcasing 365 Polaroid photos from both well-known and obscure artists. There’s no better way to start the day than with some analog inspiration.

Koss X Retrospekt Retro Foam Headphones

Koss x Retrospekt Orange Foam Headphones - $29

We’ve teamed up with Koss to create the ultimate vintage-inspired headphones. These lightweight, on-ear headphones don’t just look cool — they also offer state-of-the-art sound reproduction and intensity for unmatched sonic richness. They pair perfectly with Walkmans, CD players and laptops.

Polaroid Photography patches

Embroidered Patches - $10

Perfect for the loud and proud instant photographer, these embroidered patches look great on jackets, jeans, backpacks and hats. Best of all, they’re super easy to apply — all that’s needed is an iron.

Retrospekt Gift Card - $10+

If you’re shopping for someone who can’t decide what they want, don’t sweat - we have digital gift cards available starting at just $10 — the denomination is up to you. With analog items for just about every taste, they’re guaranteed to find something they love from Retrospekt.