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Article: Celebrate Christmas on cassette with She & Him

Celebrate Christmas on cassette with She & Him

a very she and him christmas cassette tape reissue

Whether you’re a Christmas connoisseur or a total Grinch, you can’t deny it: the holiday season is here. While you’re busy making your list and checking it twice, here at Retrospekt we’re getting in the Christmas spirit with our third exclusive tape release. Just in time for Black Friday, A Very She & Him Christmas is available on cassette for the very first time — and only from Retrospekt.

If you’re a big fan of indie music, you’re likely already familiar with She & Him. “She” is actress and musician Zooey Deschanel. “Him” is M. Ward, a prolific Portland rocker with an enviable repertoire. The two met in 2006 on the set of The Go-Getter when the film’s director asked the pair to sing a duet for the end credits. 

Even before the duo met, they already had a Christmas connection. Ward first heard Deschanel sing in the holiday classic Elf, and he was surprised to learn she wasn’t already pursuing a music career. Little did he know that while Deschanel was becoming a well-known face in Hollywood, she was also recording demos at home. When Deschanel sent Ward her songs, he said he’d like to record them properly. It was then She & Him was born. When talking about her musical aspirations, Deschanel said, “I met Matt, and everything seemed to fall into place.” 

A Very She & Him Christmas is the band’s third album, featuring twinkling, twee covers of Christmas classics like “Little Saint Nick,” “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and a gender-swapped “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Though the tracks are about snowy weather and cold winter nights, bright ukulele melodies and ‘60s-inspired harmonies give the album a sun-washed warmth. A Very She & Him Christmas will have you yearning to open your gifts under a palm tree, even if you’re watching the snowfall outside your window. 

Upon the album’s release, Alex Young at Consequence said, “On tracks like opener ‘The Christmas Waltz’ and ‘Christmas Day,’ [Deschanel’s] vocal vulnerability lends an undeniable layer of sweetness.” A Very She & Him Christmas is the perfect companion for all your favorite holiday activities, from baking cookies to wrapping presents to picking out the perfect Christmas tree. Just pop it into your favorite Walkman or boombox to start spreading holiday cheer!

A Very She & Him Christmas Exclusive Cassette

Our exclusive release also makes a great stocking stuffer. The vintage-inspired packaging will have you thinking of other Christmas classics like A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector and Elvis’ Christmas Album. Meanwhile, the cassette tape itself will compliment all of your Christmas decorations. You’ll instantly feel the Christmas spirit as the tiny specs of red and silver glitter catch the light of your fireplace (and your vanilla-scented candles). 

Check out A Very She & Him Christmas on cassette, along with our other Christmas records and tapes!