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Article: The New Koss x Retrospekt Retro Foam Headphones

The New Koss x Retrospekt Retro Foam Headphones


Here at Retrospekt we're all about reviving the best tech from years past — returning it to like-new condition and preparing it for many more years of use. But certain objects don't always lend to their success in our refurbishment process. This is often true of headphones, as decades of use, misuse or disuse take their heavy toll. Once-flexible cords stiffen and crack, foam ear pads breakdown and crumble. Combine that with years of the previous owner's ear-related oils and grime and it's often easier to say "Let's just start fresh with these."

So we did. Retrospekt joined forces with fellow Milwaukee company, Koss Corporation, to design a pair of headphones with a retro-inspired aesthetic that provide exceptional, modern sound quality. In 1958 John C. Koss created the original stereophones — the first headset to offer stereo sound — and the company he founded has specialized in cutting-edge audio technology ever sense.

Koss X Retrospekt Retro Foam Headphones Product photo


The Koss x Retrospekt P/21 Retro Foam Headphones feature an adjustable and flexible metal band and state-of-the-art Koss sound drivers wrapped in the perfect shade of orange foam. Primed for acoustical and visual delight, you no longer have to choose between high-quality sound reproduction and classic styling.

Why not check 'em out!