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Article: The Lacoste x Polaroid Collection

The Lacoste x Polaroid Collection

Lacoste x Polaroid by Retrospekt

Just a few days ago, Lacoste released their latest clothing collection inspired by Polaroid. We're excited to play a part — creating a custom Polaroid 600 instant film camera for Lacoste to support the collection.

The camera, as conceptualized by Lacoste, uses their defining green color as its driving characteristic. It turns key elements of the camera into visual cues causing it to resemble a crocodile — a nod to their iconic logo. At Retrospekt we brought this concept to life, molding new plastic exteriors to house the original internal components we source from vintage Polaroid cameras and carefully refurbish.

Lacoste Polaroid Combo Package Retrospekt

To include a pack of film with each camera, we added a custom film sleeve, wrapped with the camera in a clear plastic container.

The camera is exclusively available through Lacoste, at their stores around the world.

Select images from Lacoste of their official Polaroid clothing collection. Available via Lacoste.

Lacoste Polaroid Clothing