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Article: Chinatown Market X Polaroid By Retrospekt

Chinatown Market X Polaroid By Retrospekt

Retrospekt Chinatown Market Polaroid

Our newest custom camera pairs us up with the renowned streetwear brand, Chinatown Market, for a limited release that captures their unique style. The CTM Polaroid 600 Camera starts off as all our custom models, with refurbished and restored vintage Polaroid internals from the 80s and 90s. We loaded those into brand new plastic shells decked out with graphic treatments specifically made for this camera. 

Their drops are known for selling quickly and so far these things are flying out the door over at Chinatown Market. Swing by their shop if you're interested.

*UPDATE 12/3/20* The Chinatown Market X Polaroid clothing collab is already sold out, camera stock is limited.



Polaroid Internals Refurbished by Retrospekt

An awesome part of this collaboration for us has been the parallels between the crew at Retrospekt and Chinatown Market. And it goes beyond our similar business approaches that embrace unique products and collaborations. We both have teams made up of people who are passionate and engaged in the concept behind the products being created. When you can get those kind of people together, and tap into that authentic energy, they can really make some big things happen.

Chinatown Market Polaroid Shoot Retrospekt

The icing on the cake — CTM tapped into their classic streetwear know-how and designed a Polaroid-inspired hoodie and sweatpants combo to be released as part of the collaboration.

The collection drops on 11/30 over at Chinatown Market.

Chinatown Market Polaroid Clothing Collab