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Article: Now Delivering the USPS + Polaroid Instant Camera

Now Delivering the USPS + Polaroid Instant Camera

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For our first release of 2021, we're proud to announce a brand new vintage Polaroid instant film camera inspired by the lasting legacy of the United States Postal Service. Each camera features refurbished internals taken from vintage Polaroid 600 instant cameras made in the 1980s and ‘90s which are restored to work just like new, then wrapped into freshly molded plastic exteriors featuring this exclusive USPS design. Using refurbished vintage camera internals offers a pure and undeniably authentic instant film experience, while reducing some of the unnecessary waste associated with new manufacturing. 


From Michael Kempen, Retrospekt's Creative Director:

One of our main goals with this design was to create a final camera that looked like it could have been a standard issue item from the United States Postal Service of the past. As part of our design process, we dove into the rich history of the United States Postal Service, drawing from the organization's most iconic visual elements—from logos to uniforms. The camera’s decals even use a reflective, hi-vis base material inspired by the striping commonly seen on USPS jackets and pants.

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We went back and looked at the whole USPS brand ecosystem over the years—the trucks, the uniforms, the signage and promotional materials—to produce an object that has a certain sense of timelessness. The design of the Polaroid 600 camera itself originated in the ‘80s, and was in production through the early ‘90s. By combining this form of the camera with visual elements used by USPS over a similar time, age becomes ambiguous. It doesn’t look like a new item with retro-themed graphics. It’s more like a true artifact fresh from the past.

United States Postal Service Polaroid Camera

The Polaroid 600 USPS Instant Film Camera, officially licensed by both Polaroid and the United States Postal Service, uses Polaroid 600 film (sold separately) and is powered by the fresh batteries built into each film pack. You can get it directly from us starting today!