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Article: Retrospekt Mixtape No. 35

Retrospekt Mixtape No. 35

Mixtape 35

A multitude of very cool things inevitably passes through the hands of many people here at Retrospekt, and our staff members tend to be particularly passionate about very cool things. As such, it's often a challenge not to constantly converse with one another about whatever electrifying new LPs or obscure vintage cassettes are traveling across our workstations. Like, Black Country, New Road ought to write Kyle a check for all the new fans he's made at Retrospekt alone, and don't even get Evan started on how he theorizes Jim Sullivan, singer-songwriter behind the 1969 psych-folk masterpiece U.F.O., was actually abducted by aliens. Put simply, we take pride in our taste and like to share it with each other.

That being said, we wouldn't be doing our due diligence as a business if we didn't also share our very cool taste in very cool things with our very cool shoppers.

Moving forward, you'll find a curated selection of Staff Picks on the Retrospekt home page. These are the items we're recommending to each other. Take a look around, and you may find a new favorite or rediscover an old piece of nostalgia. We'll be updating our picks from time to time as we continue to stumble upon new things or when we decide it's time to grow up and stop listening to emo. It's not a phase, Mom. Get out of my room. Ok. Love you too.

Below you can explore a mixtape of some favorites from our current picks.