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Article: Retrospekt Mixtape No. 36

Retrospekt Mixtape No. 36

Mixtape 36

Retrospekt's 2022 Halloween mixtape has been field-tested for maximum, spine-chilling spookery. Case in point, I curled up in bed last night on very little sleep, an empty stomach and a benadryl. I shuffled this mixtape on full volume and attempted to drift off into a pleasant wonderland of sweet dreams. I instead awoke to hallucinations of spiders covering my body and a man in a hat lurking in my closet as black midi's bmbmbm reached its musical climax. Spookery confirmed.

Disclaimer: we don't condone pairing benadryl with an empty stomach, but we do condone pairing this playlist with candlelight, responsibly exorbitant candy consumption, and an 80s slasher on VHS.