Portable Cassette Player Repair

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Current turnaround times are 4 weeks from date of delivery to our location. Items received after November 20, 2020 will likely not be returned before Christmas as our team takes some well-deserved time off from work to celebrate the holiday.

All cassette players are taken apart, cleaned, fitted with new drive belts, tape head demagnetized, potentiometers deoxidized, and tape speed adjusted. Each is then thoroughly tested; we listen for sound quality, and all the functions (fast forward, rewind, radio, etc) are guaranteed to work. Any functionally defective components, inside or out, are replaced with working parts. Due to the limited availability of many models, we cannot replace cosmetic housings on the device unless it affects functionality, however we also clean the exterior housings, getting into all the small grooves and hard to reach areas for a nice fresh look.

Each cassette player we service comes with a 90 day warranty.

Which models does this service cover?

In order to ensure we have the proper parts and equipment to provide repairs in a timely manner, we are currently offering repairs only on select Sony cassette players. In the quoting process, we will address if we are able to service your specific Sony model. Because some rare models can be very costly to repair, we always provide a specific quote for your individual situation before requesting payment.

Once you have submitted your request, we may have a few follow up questions to help pinpoint your exact issues, otherwise we'll respond directly with an individualized quote for your repair service.

Repairs ship free, both ways, within the US.

After you've received a quote and submitted payment, we will email you (within 2 business days*) a prepaid shipping label you can use to mail us your tape player. 

*Labels for orders placed after 2:00PM CST on Fridays will be addressed the following Monday.

Outside the US?
We’re happy to say we’ve repaired products from all over the world. For our international friends, please use your preferred shipping service to get the parcel to Retrospekt. $20 will be added at checkout to be used towards return shipping.

Need a repair shipped outside the US?

Need more information on repairs?

Contact: service@retrospekt.com

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