Portable Cassette Player Repair

$ 90

+ Free ShippingThis product ships free within the contiguous US.

Current turnaround time is four weeks from the date we receive your device at our location.

We are only repairing select Sony Walkman models at this time. Please make sure the service you select matches the model number on your device exactly.

We give your beloved portable cassette player a full functionality check, while also replacing and repairing all necessary components, calibrating playback speed, deoxidizing all switches and controls and demagnetizing the tapehead. All components are then gingerly polished by our refurb technicians. If you have specific concerns, please include them in the checkout notes.

All necessary repair work is performed by a trained technician using specially designated tools and equipment. Replacement parts, if used in the course of repair, are fully refurbished and guaranteed. Because of their refurbished nature, previous wear may be present on any replacement components.

Each cassette player we service comes with a 90 day warranty.

Which models does this service cover?

While we are always working to add additional models to our service offering, currently we are only repairing cassette player models listed in the dropdown. The model of the cassette player sent to us must match the service selected exactly.

If the model sent differs from the model selected, but is still serviceable, the customer will be billed for any price difference. All additional payments must be made before the device is returned. Devices sent in under incorrect selections because their model is not listed here will be returned to the owner as-is with the cost of the repair service refunded, minus $15 for shipping costs. Additional allowances for unlisted models must be made before the purchase of a service and are made at the sole discretion of Retrospekt.

Repairs ship free, both ways, within the US.

After you've submitted payment, we will email you (within 2 business days) a prepaid shipping label you can use to mail us your cassette player.

Need a repair shipped outside the US?

Need more information on repairs?

Contact: service@retrospekt.com

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