Polaroid SX-70 to 600 Film Conversion Service

$ 85

+ Free ShippingThis product ships free within the contiguous US.

Current turnaround times are 4 weeks from date of delivery to our location.

This service is for converting SX-70 cameras to take 600 film. This service changes the way your camera creates exposures. Please note that 600 and SX-70 are completely different film speeds. Once you convert your camera to take 600 film, SX-70 film will no longer work in your camera. This service does not include any functional repairs or servicing. If your camera is currently not working properly and requires calibration, parts replacements, or functional servicing, please see our combined repair and conversion service

Each camera we service comes with a 90 day warranty on the work done to it. Please note this repair service only covers the way in which your camera exposes film. The warranty covers this feature only and will not cover any other functionality issues with your camera.

Which models does this service cover?

This conversion service covers all Polaroid SX-70 camera models originally designed to shoot SX-70 film.  The cameras depicted are just two examples of cameras that can be converted to take 600 film. This service can be completed on both manual and autofocus cameras.

Notes on Leathers

This service does not require your leather skins to be removed. 

Repairs ship free, both ways, within the US.

Once you've placed your repair order we will email (within 2 business days) a prepaid shipping label you can use to mail us your camera. Once received, we will complete all repairs and have it back in the mail within 3-4 weeks.

Need a repair shipped outside the US?

Need more information on repairs?

Contact: service@retrospekt.com

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