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PRESS: Retrospekt and Sanrio® Launch Exclusive Gudetama FC-11 35mm Camera

June 7, 2024

Retrospekt, a product design and development studio dedicated to creating unique experiences through new and refurbished retro tech products, has teamed up with global lifestyle brand Sanrio® to create a limited-edition Gudetama™-themed version of their FC-11 35mm film camera.

Gudetama, the lazy egg character, is known for its distinctive apathetic attitude and love for rest, but there's nothing lackadaisical about this collaboration. The camera’s design is the ultimate blend of Gudetama's signature attitude and Retrospekt's commitment to functional, stylish products. The crisp, white camera body serves both as a canvas for artwork and — when combined with the vibrant yellow lens cap sculpted to resemble Gudetama's apathetic face— creates the whimsical and eye-catching appearance of a yoke surrounded by egg white.

Retrospekt has taken great care to infuse Gudetama's personality into every aspect of the camera. The textured white leatherette that wraps the body is embossed with various poses of Gudetama, showcasing the character's lazy demeanor. These small, detailed illustrations add a visual and tactile interest to the camera, making it as much a joy to hold as it is to use.

The camera comes nestled in a clear plastic box designed to resemble a freshly cracked egg. The box features Gudetama artwork and branding, including a "Say meh..." speech bubble typical of the character's nonchalant attitude.

The Gudetama x Retrospekt FC-11 35mm camera has a fixed-focus lens and built-in flash to make it easy for anyone to capture vibrant, high-quality images with minimal fuss.

This collaboration marks another milestone in Retrospekt's ongoing relationship with Sanrio, which began in 2019 and has seen the pair release dozens of retro-tech products featuring Sanrio’s iconic characters. The two brands previously released a Gudetama-themed Polaroid 600 camera in 2020, which was met with enthusiasm from fans and collectors alike.

The camera is now available for purchase on and Retrospekt's own website. Whether you're a fan of Gudetama, a lover of analog photography or simply looking for a quirky and charming addition to your Sanrio collection, this camera will surely bring a smile to your face.


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About Retrospekt

Retrospekt is a highly-specialized workshop and product design studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin committed to the exploration, restoration and curation of retro technology. They started their foray into the world of retro tech by supplying Polaroid with refurbished and restored vintage instant cameras and now offer a full line of vintage camera models in addition to developing official Polaroid camera collaborations with both national and international brands, such as Mattel, Sanrio, Peanuts and FENDI.

Since 2008, they have pursued vintage electronics and the delight of analog technology, breathing new life into cameras, portable cassette players, classic gaming consoles and other retro tech oddities. Over the last decade, their team has saved over 300,000 devices with a comprehensive refurbishment process that faithfully restores each item to perform like it did the day it was originally manufactured.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, it can be easy for digital convenience to become digital overload. Retrospekt hopes the items they offer will provide people an opportunity to slow down, step back and enjoy a more tactile and intentional experience. Visit for more information on Retrospekt and its offerings.


About Sanrio

Sanrio® is the global lifestyle brand best known for Hello Kitty® who was created in 1974, and home to many other beloved character brands such as My Melody™, Kuromi™, LittleTwinStars™, Cinnamoroll™, Pompompurin™, gudetama™, Aggretsuko™, Chococat™, Badtz-maru™ and Keroppi™. Sanrio was founded on the philosophy that a small gift can bring happiness and friendship to people of all ages. Since 1960, this philosophy has served as the inspiration to offer quality products, services and activities that promote communication and inspire unique consumer experiences across the world. Today, Sanrio’s business extends into the entertainment industry with several content series, gaming offerings and theme parks. Sanrio boasts an extensive product lineup which is available in over 130 countries. Sanrio hopes to bring smiles to everyone’s faces with their vision of “One World, Connecting Smiles.” To learn more about Sanrio, please visit and follow @sanrio and @hellokitty on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest and subscribe to the Hello Kitty and Friends YouTube Channel.


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