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Polaroid Land Photography by Ansel Adams Book

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Notes on condition: These books are fairly old, and all of them are used and show it. Some copies might show evidence of having been in a public library or someone's personal collection. The outer cover may show some yellowing and UV damage. The book will be complete and whole, but will likely show wear. Please purchase this with the perspective that you are acquiring this book for its incredible content that is being passed down from one pair of hands to another. 

In 1963, after nearly a decade of experimentation with the revolutionary Polaroid Land process, Ansel Adams wrote, "It is unfortunate that so many photographers have thought of the Land camera as a 'toy,' a casual device for 'fun' pictures, or, at best, a gadget to make record pictures! ... The process has revolutionized the art and craft of photography -- and is still barely across the threshold of development."

This book, originally published in 1963, now appears in a totally revised and updated edition, covering the entire range of Polaroid photography, from the SX-70 and other automatic cameras to the professional 4x5 and 8x10 formats. Mr. Adams emphasizes the role of careful craftsmanship, whether the purpose of the image is creative or functional. In particular, he relates Polaroid materials to Image Management, the Zone System, and practical sensitometry, contrast control through pre-exposure and development modification, filters, and other techniques. Properly used, Adams believes, Polaroid images may possess beautiful tonal qualities not possible with other processes.

Part of the book is devoted to chapters by other authors on specialized fields of Polaroid photography, such as portraiture, large-format photography, graphic design and teaching methods. Extensive appendix material provides technical information on the films and cameras, plus film-testing procedures. The book is profusely illustrated, and includes 64 pages of fine black-and-white and color reproductions of works by leading photographers, including Minor White, Paul Caponigro, Marie Cosindas, Philippe Halsman, and Arnold Newman.

Hardcover; 307 pages. Lovingly used condition typical to age.