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BrandNewNoise MutterFlutter Voice Recording Gadget (With Looper)

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BrandNewNoise instruments and audio recorders are designed to spark music, creativity, laughter and joy. By keeping it simple, anyone can enjoy the fun. Simply hold the red record button and go to town — sing, joke and be silly! Then with the press of a button, hear your recording played back while adjusting the speed  fast or slow. It's just that simple and fun to make music. 

BrandNewNoise is proud to introduce their latest creation, the MutterFlutter. Record yourself singing, beatboxing or telling a story — and then hit the playback to hear your recording. You can speed up or slow down your recording by changing how much light shines on the optical sensor. Keep your recording on repeat with the flip of a switch. Think Theremin, photocell or light sensor — but most of all, think creative inspiration!

Each gadget comes with two AAA batteries and a 1/8" output for headphones, speakers and other recording studio gear.  

How It Works

Record: You must hold down the red button to start and continue the recording. As long as you press the red button, the gadget is recording. It stops recording once the red button is released.

Playback: The black button will start and stop your audio. You do not need to hold the black button. Simply press once to start playback. To stop the audio, press the black button and release. 

Pitch Control: To change the pitch of your audio recording, simply turn the knob counterclockwise or clockwise depending on the effect you want. To slow down the recording, turn the knob counterclockwise (think Barry White). To speed up (think Chipmunks) turn the knob clockwise. Don't turn the knob past the point of resistance!

Looper/Repeat Switch: Flip the switch to the left and hit the black play button to start looping the recording.