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Capcom Sound Team - Mega Man 2 + Mega Man 3 LP Vinyl Record

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Album Info

Artist Capcom Sound Team
Album Mega Man 2 + Mega Man 3
Originally Released 2022
Re-released n/a
Condition New
UPC 5024545960310



A1 Opening
A2 Title
A3 Pass Word
A4 Stage Select
A5 Game Start
A6 Metal Man Stage
A7 Air Man Stage
A8 Bubble Man Stage
A9 Quick Man Stage
A10 Crash Man Stage
A11 Flash Man Stage
A12 Heat Man Stage
A13 Wood Man Stage

B1 Stage Clear
B2 Get A Weapon
B3 Dr.Wily Map
B4 Dr.Wily Stage 1
B5 Dr.Wily Stage 2
B6 Last Stage
B7 Boss
B8 Clear Demo
B9 All Stage Clear
B10 Ending
B11 Staff Roll
B12 Game Over

C1 Title
C2 Pass Word
C3 tage Select
C4 Game Start
C5 Needle Man Stage
C6 Magnet Man Stage
C7 Gemini Man Stage
C8 Hard Man Stage
C9 Top Man Stage
C10 Snake Man Stage
C11 Spark Man Stage
C12 Shadow Man Stage
C13 Proto Man

D1 Boss
D2 Stage Clear
D3 Get A Weapon
D4 Dr.Wily Stage Map
D5 Dr.Wily Stage 1
D6 Dr.Wily Stage 2
D7 Dr.Wily Stage 3
D8 Dr.Wily Stage Boss
D9 All Stage Clear
D10 Ending
D11 Staff Roll