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Cher - Cher (1987) Cassette Tape

Cher - Cher (1987) Cassette Tape

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Well I have good news for you. The internet is full of wonderful and magical things. And the internet has provided us the gift of Cher performing the single I Found Someone on SNL and it includes Cher a black velvet mini dress, the lead guitarist in a tie-dyed t-shirt, and the backup vocalist with hair shockingly larger than Cher's (how did she let that slide?) 

By the way, a real human has listened to this tape. It's rewound to the beginning of Side A, inspected for damage, and then re-cased in a slick new acrylic case. 

A1 I Found Someone
A2 We All Sleep Alone
A3 Bang-Bang
A4 Main Man
A5 Give Our Love A Fightin' Chance

B1 Perfection
B2 Dangerous Times
B3 Skin Deep
B4 Working Girl
B5 Hard Enough Getting Over You