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Diana F+ (10 Years Of The Diana F+ Edition) 120 Film Camera with Flash

Sale price$ 99

Known for its dreamy, soft-focus images, the Diana F+ camera by Lomography is perfect for creating beautiful lo-fi images on 120 film. Celebrate 10 years of the Diana F+ with this special edition medium-format camera, complete with funky matte red and blue case and a rockin’ retro gold lens. Fill your frames with intense saturation, moody vignetting and amazing analogue surprises.

The Diana F+ camera has two shutter speeds for both daytime/flash use and nighttime/long exposures. Due to the manual film advancement mechanism on the Diana F+ camera, it is easy to create double (or triple?) exposures. Flash included. 

Cable release connection Only with adapter
Battery type No battery needed
Available apertures Pinhole, Cloudy= f8, Half-Shade= f11, Sunny= f16
Shutter speeds 1/60 (N), Bulb (B)
Focal length 75mm
Exposure area 12-shot (52x52mm), 16-shot (42x42mm), and endless Panorama (46x46mm) formats
Film advance Knob
Film format 120
Flash connection Diana Flash Plug
Focusing Zone Focusing
Focusing distance 1m - Infinity
Frame counter Volume display
Material Plastic
Tripod mount Yes
Lightmeter No
Viewfinder Direct optical viewfinder