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Expired Polaroid Duochrome Film for 8 x 10 - Black & Yellow Edition

Sale price$ 199 Regular price$ 249

Unleash your creativity with Duochrome Edition Black and Yellow now in 8x10 film! First released by the Impossible Project, Duochrome film has a reputation for being radical. Its unique chemistry takes the ordinary to the abstract thanks to a clash of color and contrast. Get 10 instant photos filled with black and yellow Polaroid chemistry in a silver frame. A limited-edition release that makes the surreal, real. For use with only 8x10 cameras with a Polaroid film holder and processor.

Please note this film has an expiration date of 07/2024 and is sold at a discount accordingly. Expired film is sold as-is with no returns. While most expired film is still usable, there is still a risk of abnormalities if used after the date recommended by the manufacturer.

Brand Polaroid
Type Duochrome 8x10 Black & Yellow
Frame Style Silver
Exposures 10
Film Size Image 9.5 x 7.5 in
Image with border 8 x 10 in