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Film Photography Project FPP 620 Black & White Panchromatic Negative Film

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Film Photography Project's FPP 620 Black & White Panchromatic Negative film is easy to use and made specifically for Brownie and other box-type cameras. This is a general use film for mixed lighting and outdoor use. This is one roll of 620-format film, which has been cut and spooled by Film Photography Project. Get out your 620 film camera and start shooting!

This roll will deliver 8, 12 or 16 shots depending on your camera.

Film format 620
Exposures 8, 12, or 16
ISO 100
Film type

Black and white panchromatic negative


Why 620 film you ask? There are so many Kodak Brownies (and other 620 brand) cameras out there just waiting to be shot! For those looking to shoot with vintage 620 film cameras, you should know that 620 is identical to 120 roll film…except for the fact that the spool is slightly different and not interchangeable. It's basically 120 film repackaged on a different spool. The film and backing paper are the same size. Regarding the cameras, the two sizes were not cross-compatible. The inside height between the flanges of a 620 spool are the same as 120, but the core is smaller, the keyhole is smaller and the flanges are not only smaller in diameter but much thinner. Having thinner flanges make the spool shorter in length to the 120 and that of course was the deterrent to using 120 film in your 620 camera. 620 got it’s name from the “20” of the 120 and “6” from the frames the original cameras would shoot on a roll. Note that actually the first cameras ended up shooting 8 frames per roll.