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Holga 120 PC Black Pinhole Film Camera

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This lens-less camera has a tiny pinhole in the front of its body and is operated by pressing the shutter release, manually exposing your images. Take drawn-out, hour long exposures at night, or quick 1 second shots in the daytime. (P.S. This camera is tripod friendly!)

Because of its ability to deliver extensive depth-of-field, the foreground and background will almost always be in focus. Images will be soft with a dreamy, reverie quality about them. Because it uses larger film (120 format), images will be sharper than traditional Holga 35mm pictures.

Camera Type Pinhole
Film format

All 120 medium format film (color negative, slide, b&w)

Lens 0.25mm
Aperture Approximately f/192
Focusing Focus free
Shutter speed "B" setting (shutter stays open for as long as you press the button)
Viewfinder removable viewfinder
Film Transport Manual advance; Single-action lever; Wind to next frame
Multiple exposure Achieved by not advancing film to next frame
Tripod mount Yes
Material Plastic
Accessories 6x4-5cm Adapter, strap