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Holga 120 WPC Wide Pinhole Medium Format Camera

Sale price$ 55

The Holga 120 Wide Angle Pinhole Camera gives the photographer an inexpensive way to create some truly interesting effects. With no lens, this camera can create soft focus images that take on a dreamlike appearance. The pinhole on the front does everything for you. Through the use of long exposures, the shooter can make images with both the foreground and background sharp. In addition, colors will be richer.

The Holga Pinhole is reminiscent of the Diana camera of the 1960s and 70s. The characteristic pinhole vignetting focuses the viewer's eye and adds to visual impact. This camera uses 120 roll film for sixteen 6 x 4.5 frames per roll. It also comes with masks for both 6 x 7 and 6 x 9 images. It's useful for classroom instructions, personal image-making, and fine art photos.

Camera Type Medium format film camera
Film format


120 film color or black and white ASA 100/ISO 21 to ASA 400/ISO 27
Aperture f/135
Focusing Manual
View angle 120 degrees
Tripod mount Yes 1/4"-20
Lightmeter No
Material Plastic
Accessories 6 x 12cm mask, strap