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HYM Originals SEED Walnut Turntable

Sale price$ 699

The SEED Turntable by HYM Originals is an all-in-one player that smoothly integrates the functions of a player, power amplifier, and loudspeaker. It produces clean and full Hi-Fi sound with convenience and tone quality. The built-in three-point suspension vibration system enables the cartridge to play stably, utilizing an interference-free space for the reading platter so it remains completely stable even when operating at high power. 

It comes with two built-in 1" tweeters and two 4" woofers which can cover 30% more pitch range than counterpart sound systems and catches even the most delicate details, offering you a wider world of sound. The 1" silk diaphragm has an extremely high vibration conduction velocity with nice high-frequency extension and resolution, reducing high frequency distortion and generating a stunning, sleekly smooth tweeter.

The SEED is truly an all-in-one vinyl wonder with a beautiful compact design full of a high-quality music experience without complications! It provides the original, true sound of whatever music style you choose. Get the deep feel of that thick heavy bass all the way to a crisp soprano. Not only is the seed obviously amazing for analog vinyl records, it's also compatible with wireless remote play from mobile phones, tablets, and computers as well! The output quality is excellent every time, through any form.

This record player is new in the box.

  • SEED turntable
  • AC adapter
  • Platter
  • Sub-Platter
  • Platter disk
  • Counterweight
  • GuideBook
  • Remote Control


  • 15" W x 14" D x 10" H
  • Weight approx. 33 lbs
  • Cartridge: Audio Technica original package MM moving magnetic cartridge
  • Tonearm: 9" oil seal stationary shaft horizontal double pole patented suspension straight bar tonearm with Audio Technica cartridge
  • Motor: 12-pole coil ultra-silence 300 RPM slow-speed revolution large torque 12V/350mA brushless direct current motor
  • Platter: 1000g high-precision aluminum casting double-layer flywheel turntable platter
  • Exclusive patent three-point suspension vibration system
  • Maximum power output: 35 W x 2 class D amplifier output
  • Speaker: Woofer Φ4", 4 ohm / 25 W | Tweeter Φ1",8 ohm / 15 W,Signal to noise ratio 86dB
  • Sound track: 2.1
  • Wireless: Wifi 802.11 b / g / n,2.4 GHz 150M bits / s
  • Frequency response: 60 Hz - 20 KHz
  • Optical output: SPDIF out 192 KHz / 24 Bits
  • External input:3.5 mm stereo AUX
  • External output: RCA Line Out
  • Remote: 13key IR Remote Control
  • Power: DC20V/4.5A
  • Compatibility: Vinyl, Wifi, Bluetooth, Line in, Line out, USB disk play