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Into The Embroideroid Zine by Bret Watkins

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From the author:

Welcome “Into The Embroideroid”! What’s an “Embroideroid”, you ask? Is it safe? Will my family approve? Is it contagious? The quick answer is Yes, No, & Maybe. Quite simply, an Embroideroid is a Polaroid with the addition of embroidery thread and technique. I began my journey down the rabbit hole of Embroideriods during the great lockdown of 2020, while I was organizing the boxes of Polaroids I had shot over the years. I considered getting rid of some of the ones that no longer sparked joy. But, then it hit me. Why not add my own joy? Why not make these “joyless” Polaroids into what I always imagined them to be and the age of Embroideroids began. Embroideroids have brought me so much euphoria and are now a part of my creative process. I no longer just compose for the square frame within the white borders, I look to create a photographic canvas with infinite possibilities.

Inside this 80-page book, you will journey through Bret's incredible Embroideroid creations on every page, including the back views on each photo which create interesting abstractions. 

And for an extra treat for Retrospekt customers only, Bret Watkins, or should we say Bret Wonka, has hidden a special "golden" Embroideroid in one of the 40 books. Good luck!

Paperback, 9 x 6 in., 80 pages, 75 photos