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Jammin' Sam Miller – Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (OST Recreated) 2xLP Green Vinyl Record

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Album Info
Artist Jammin' Sam Miller
Album Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (OST Recreated)
Originally Released 2022
Re-released n/a
Condition New
UPC 5414165128311



Pirate Panic
A1 K.Rool Returns
A2 Steel Drum Rhumba
A3 Welcome to Crocodile Isle
A4 Klomp's Revenge
A5 Token Tango
A6 Jib Jig
A7 Cranky's Conga
A8 Schoolhouse Harmony
A9 Lockjaw's Saga
A10 Swanky's Swing
A11 Funky the Main Monkey
A12 Boss Bossanova

The Goodlands
B1 Hot Head Bop
B2 Mining Melancholy
B3 Bayou Boogie
B4 Snakey Chantey
B5 Stickerbrush Symphony
B6 Disco Train

Point of No Return
C1 Flight of the Zinger
C2 Run, Rambi! Run!
C3 Forest Interlude
C4 Haunted Chase
C5 In A Snowbound Land

Final Battle
D1 Krook's March
D2 Bad Bird Rag
D3 Crocodile Cacophony
D4 Game Over
D5 Klubba's Reveille
D6 Lost World Anthem
D7 Primal Rave
D8 DK Rescue