Janet Jackson - All For You (2001) Cassette Tape

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A real human has listened to this tape. It's rewound to the beginning of Side A, inspected for damage, and then re-cased in a slick new acrylic case.

A1 Intro 
A2 You Ain't Right 
A3 All For You 
A4 2wayforyou (Interlude) 
A5 Come On Get Up
A6 When We Oooo 
A7 China Love 
A8 Love Scene (Ooh Baby)
A9 Would You Mind 
A10 Lame (Interlude) 

B1 Trust A Try 
B2 Clouds (Interlude) 
B3 Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) (With Carly Simon) 
B4 Truth 
B5 Theory (Interlude) 
B6 Someone To Call My Lover 
B7 Feels So Right 
B8 Doesn't Really Matter 
B9 Better Days 
B10 Outro

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