Joe Satriani - Flying In A Blue Dream (1989) Cassette Tape

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A real human has listened to this tape. It's rewound to the beginning of Side A, inspected for damage, and then re-cased in a slick new acrylic case.

A1 Flying In A Blue Dream
A2 The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
A3 Can't Slow Down
A4 Headless
A5 Strange
A6 I Believe
A7 One Big Rush

B1 Big Bad Moon
B2 The Feeling
B3 The Phone Call
B4 Day At The Beach (New Rays From An Ancient Sun)
B5 Back To Shalla-Bal
B6 Ride
B7 The Forgotten (Part One)
B8 The Forgotten (Part Two)
B9 The Bells Of Lal (Part One)
B10 The Bells Of Lal (Part Two)
B11 Into The Light

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