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Lomography Lomo'Instant Instax Mini Black Instant Film Camera and Lenses (Damaged Packaging)

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This chic, black Lomo'Instant camera is built for creative adventures! It comes with three extra lens attachments so that you can take your instant adventures to the next level. With three shooting modes you can cover all types of instances and occasions. The different lenses that come along with this camera enables you to really step up your photo game and allows for tons of experimental and creative options. 

Wide-Angle Lens (built-in): This 27mm equivalent wide-angle lens captures more than your eyes can see and allows you to shoot up-close-and-personal shots with its 0.4m closest focusing distance.

Fisheye Lens Attachment: The Fisheye lens attachment lets you take 170° snapshots. Get hooked, lined and shamelessly sinkered for wonderful circular instants with the 170° Fisheye Lens Attachment.

Portrait Lens Attachment: This versatile 35mm equivalent lens attachment is suitable for shooting both indoors and out. It's great for portraits as well as street photography and landscape shots.

Close-up Lens: This lens allows a 10-15cm closest focusing distance for striking close-ups.

You can even use color gels to transform your photos to any color you like! Plus, the little mirror in front of the camera so you can get those picture perfect selfies. Uses Fuji Instax Mini film.

Condition: New - Please note this item comes in a damaged packaging but the camera and lenses are in working order. Reference photos for accurate depiction of condition.

Exposure Area 42mm x 64mm
Focal Length 48mm
Battery Type 4x AAA batteries)
Available Apertures f/8, f/11, f/16 *default, f/22, f/32
Shutter Speeds 1/125 - Bulb
Unlimited Multiple Exposures
Capability to combine multiple shots on one frame for creative results plus infinite long exposure option
Infinite Long Exposure For low light and getting creative with light painting!
Film Format Instax Mini
Film Advance Automatic
Frame Counter Auto frame counter
Flash connection Built-in flash with three shooting modes
Material Plastic
Tripod Mount Yes
Lightmeter Yes
Cable Release Thread Yes
View Finder Direct optical viewfinder