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Lomography Optimistic Ox Edition Simple Use 35mm Point and Shoot Film Camera

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The Optimistic Ox Lomography camera is pocket-sized and packed with features! Inspired by the Chinese zodiac Year of the Ox, this special edition looks to 2021 with artful positivity. This point and shoot comes preloaded with LomoChrome Metropolis film which is an original color negative film from the Lomography films manufacturer laboratory. Built for exploring the urban jungle in all of its grit and beauty, it boasts an extended 100–400 ISO range and fine cinestyle grain structure which renders images with a unique aesthetic that desaturates colors, mutes tones and makes contrasts pop.

This special edition comes to you with an exclusive new look inspired by the Chinese zodiac Year of the Ox. Adorned with a colorful design using lucky red and gold – in a modern take on the ancient East Asian art of paper marbling – this is the perfect accessory to capture new year celebrations and the rest of 2021 with!

The Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera Optimistic Ox Edition is perfect for freezing everyday snapshots in authentic analogue style. Sling it in your bag, shoot from the hip, slip a color gel filter over your flash and immortalize your escapades with ease. With three different color gels, you can create up to six fun colors for your images! This resilient little camera fits in your pocket and best of all, it’s reloadable – once you’ve shot your first roll of film, simply pop in another roll of Metropolis film or any of your favorite 35mm film, and shoot over and over again!

Condition: New

Cable Release Connection No
Battery Type 1x AA battery
Available Apertures Fixed f/9
Shutter Speeds 1/120 seconds
Focal Length 31 mm
Film advance Winder
Film Format 35 mm
Flash connection Built-in flash
Focusing Fixed focus
Focusing Distance Fixed focus at 1m-infinity
Frame Counter Auto frame counter
Material Plastic
Tripod Mount No
Lightmeter No
View Finder Direct optical viewfinder