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MiNT InstantFlex TL70 Lens Set

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The revolutionary lens set for the InstantFlex TL70 Camera by MiNT. Be equipped in any shooting scenario with 3 neutral density filters (ND2, ND4, & ND8) a close up lens, and a lens hood.

Neutral Density filters allow you to get more accurately exposed shots. By reducing the amount of light entering the camera, it allows you to avoid over-exposing your shots in brightly lit conditions. Now you can use a larger aperture like f/5.6 to enjoy a shallow depth-of-field – even in outdoor situations. ND filters are essential when dealing with instant film because the ISO of the film cannot be changed.

Perfect for portraits, this lens lets you get up close and personal to your subject, (as close as 18cm to be exact.) Now you can really make your subject pop with an even more shallow depth-of-feild with the close up lens.

Use the lens hood on the lower lens of the TL70 to reduce glare from the sun or other reflecting light sources when shooting. This hood can even act as a lens protector.