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MiNT Self(ie) Timer for SX-70 and SLR 680 Folding Instant Film Cameras

Sale price$ 59

Be handsfree! You can operate the Self(ie) Timer with no hands plus it's TINY (as small as a quarter) and even comes with a carrying pouch. This device has three, five and ten second timer options.

While using it for selfies is a great idea, it can also be used to reduce shake on the camera when using a tripod. The movement from your hand pressing the shutter button can introduce enough movement to create blurry images when taking long exposures. Simply press the timer and remove your hand so the camera is as still as possible. 

This works on all folding SX-70s as well as SLR 680s and 690s.

Distance has no limit. Stand as far back as you want with Self(ie) Timer. Not limited by wire length or poor reception. Get a perfectly timed shot and start incorporating those beloved selfies into your photography.