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Polaroid SLR 680/690 Flash Housing Set

Sale price$ 75

Externally, these new injection-molded plastic housings are exact replicas of the original parts from the 1980s. Internally, we've made a few structural changes to increase durability. These housings include two fasteners to secure the flash PCB to the rear housing.

This product includes only the front and back pieces of the plastic flash housing and does not include the black Polaroid logo decal and its plastic backing or any other 680/690 internal or external components.


SLR 680: Use fasteners and washers to secure flash PCB to rear housing. Start fasteners into mating holes and adjust until the flash on/off switch moves easily. Do not tighten fasteners completely, as the switch will be too difficult to move.

Polaroid 690: Use only fasteners (or reuse original fasteners); tighten fasteners completely.

The logo decal on the flash housing is applied to a plastic backing which should allow for it to be removed and transferred to the new flash housing.

Retrospekt provides no warranty on customer-made repairs or modifications, or for any parts damaged during installation. Improper workmanship can cause bodily injury and/or damage your device. Any work is done at the customer’s own risk.

SHOCK HAZARD: This repair involves dealing with high voltage, up to 400 volts, which is stored in the large photoflash capacitor on top of the PCB. The photoflash capacitor can release its stored voltage instantly. This can lead to painful shocks, burns, injury or death. Ensure that the photoflash capacitor is fully discharged before handling.