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Polaroid SX-70 "Ever-Ready" Style Vinyl Folding Camera Case (B-Grade)

Sale price$ 49 Regular price$ 99

This vintage Polaroid SX-70 case fits one manual focus camera, and is designed to open along with the camera so you can stay protected while shooting. The bag itself is a brown vinyl leather with a fabric interior. 

This bag is part of our B-Grade collection. B-Grade means that it is not up to our normal quality standards for a vintage bag and requires extra information about the condition. Please expect these bags to show wear, tear, light staining, scuffing, and discoloration. Please review photos before purchasing. The bag in the photo is the bag you will receive.

In addition to the defects listed above, this bag also shows the following signs of degradation:

  • There are a few spots where the layers of the case are separating, especially on the flap.
  • The rivet that secures the strap to the case is loose. This will need to be repaired before safely storing and carrying your camera. It can likely be glued or stitched. 

This case will not fit autofocus models or SLR 680s. Camera not included.

20" non-adjustable