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Polaroid SX-70 Model 3 to 600 Model B Conversion and Repair Service

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The current turnaround time is approximately three weeks from the date of delivery to our location.

Want to turn that old SX-70 Model 3 into a true SLR camera? And have it converted to use 600 film? That's exactly why we created the Model B.

We'll take your Model 3 and add all the necessary components to transform it into a fully functioning SLR Model B camera converted to use Polaroid 600 film.

Because the flash socket needs to be removed in the conversion process, the Model B does not have the ability to use a flash. However, using 600 film does increase clarity in low-light situations when compared to SX-70 film.

Along with the conversion, your camera will receive a full servicing, including recalibrating the shutter (which means your camera should shoot true to the lighten/darken dial) and cleaning optical components (fresnels, viewing lenses, mirrors, etc). Our team carefully cleans the external components and replaces the leather skins. (They must be removed to access internals.) All cameras are film tested and won't be returned until they are producing excellent exposures. All cameras receive between two and four hours of hands-on time from our team.

All necessary repair work is performed by a trained technician using specially designated tools and equipment. Replacement parts, if used in the course of repair, are fully refurbished and guaranteed. Because of their refurbished nature, previous wear may be present on any replacement components.

Each camera we service comes with a 90-day warranty.

Which models does this service cover?

This conversion service covers all Polaroid SX-70 Model 3 cameras. The cameras pictured show an example of the Model 3 before conversion and the Model B after. This service does not require the camera to be in working order. 

Please note that 600 and SX-70 are completely different film speeds. Once you convert your camera to take 600 film, SX-70 film will no longer work in your camera.

Notes on Leathers
While we’d love to save the original leather skins, it just isn’t possible. The fasteners allowing the camera to be taken apart and serviced are located underneath. Since there is no way to peel the skins up without ruining them, they must be replaced with your choice of either black or tan genuine leather skins. They are fresh, new and Italian. *chef's kiss* While black and tan are our standard selections, we have plenty of new fresh skins if you are interested in more pizazz.
Repairs ship free, both ways, in the U.S.
Within two business days of placing your service order, we will email you a prepaid shipping label you can use to mail us your camera. Prepaid labels will only be emailed to customers with a US address listed on their order. Shipping labels must be used within 28 days. Failure to use the label within 28 days may result in Retrospekt canceling and refunding the order less the cost of the shipping label. The prepaid labels expire after 28 days and are non-refundable. 

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