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Polaroid SX-70 Tele/1.5 Lens

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This rare Polaroid SX-70 Tele//1.5 lens comes in its original packaging with its original manual. The box is dated 12/76. 

From the manual:

"This Polaroid SX-70 Tele/1.5 Lens snaps onto your camera to enlarge your photo images by 50 percent (1.5x magnification). Advanced computer technology was used to design this high-quality optical equipment and to match it to the characteristics of the unique lens on the Polaroid SX-70 Land camera. It adapts the camera lens to many situations that call for a telephoto lens of moderate power." 

From the box: 

"This lens is designed for use with all Polaroid SX-70 Alpha, Executive and Special Edition Land cameras, and Deluxe and Model 2 Land cameras manufactured after April 1975. Earlier Polaroid SX-70 Deluxe and Model 2 Land cameras may require shutter modification to take acceptable flash pictures."