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Portraits: Søren Rønholt by Seltmann Publishers

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We love them. Rock stars, movie stars, icons of the art world. And we love pictures of them. Most portraits we see today document our abstract ideas of what's best and what's worst - in them and in ourselves. That's why they work. Portraiture as a means of artistic expression and human understanding remains important and vital.

It is certainly a great aspect of Søren Rønholt's work: the invisible dialogue between the people he portrays and himself is undeniable. The majority of his portrayed characters may be famous, but that's not the point. He uses every ounce of his empathy to create images of real people. Despite the clever, accentuating mood and strong, often monochromatic style – what he seeks is the truth behind the face.

Hardcover, 7.3 x 9.8 in., 1.5 lb, 164 pages