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Power Pack - External Power Source for Folding Cameras - Chrome

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As more interesting i-Type film is introduced at a cheaper price point, SX-70 and 600 film users are often left out. The Power Pack is an external power source fueled by 4x AAA batteries that allows you to shoot I-Type film in folding Polaroid SX-70 and SLR 680 cameras. The Power Pack also features a standard 1/4" tripod mount and an optional strap lug for attaching your own camera strap. 

If you plan to use i-Type film in an SX-70 calibrated camera, you will need to install the provided ND filter onto the top of the i-Type film pack. If you are using i-Type film in an SLR 680 or 690, or a camera that has been calibrated to shoot 600 film, the ND filter should not be used.

Everything required to install the Power Pack, including:

  • The Power Pack
  • An optional attachment for adding strap lugs
  • A plug that must be installed if you choose not to install the strap lugs
  • A screwdriver with both 1mm square and Torx 4 bits
  • 4x screws
  • 4x AAA batteries
  • 2x ND filters

Visit our blog post for more information on installation.

The Power Pack installation requires that the bottom leather is removed from your camera. Follow this guide for deskinning to learn more.

Please note that the chrome finish on this device is painted. While it is an excellent match to the original chrome folding cameras, the finish will appear different due to the variance in material.

Retrospekt has collaborated with inventor, author and tech entrepreneur David Keenan to bring this pandemic project to production.

Installation Instructions