Sound Effects Vol. 5 Cassette Tape

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A real human has listened to this tape. It's rewound to the beginning of Side A, inspected for damage, and then re-cased in a slick new acrylic case.

A1 Metal Machine
A2 Bulldozer
A3 Piledriver
A4 Construction
A5 Tele. Busy Signal
A6 Tele. Rings 7, receiver up
A7 Tele (stereo)
A8 Tele. pick up, hang up
A9 Tele. pick up, ring, hang up
A10 Touch Tone
A11 Party
A12 Open bottle, our into glass
A13 Champagne Cork
A15 St Bernard
A16 Puppy
A17 Dog Growling
A18 Cat
A19 Kitten
A20 Purring
A21 Lion
A22 Stagecoach
A23 Stagecoach, horse whinning
A24 Indians Attack
A25 Gallop Horses
A26 Rodeo
A27 Cattle Drive
A28 Indian Whoops
A29 Indians attack
A20 Western Gun Fight

B1 Shovel Coal
B2 Row Boat
B3 Noisy Children
B4 Lakeside, bathers, boat, anchor up
B5 Anchor up, winch
B6 Boat under way
B7 Applause large audience
B8 Short bursts orchestra presence B
B9 Convention crowd
B10 Football Crowd
B11 Cheering crowd short
B12 Laughing audience
B13 Motor start, run
B14 Factory bkg. machinery
B15 Machine Shop
B16 Cement Mixer

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