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Street Candy Black and White 35mm Film (36 Exposures)

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Street Candy Film is a Panchromatic Black & White negative film with a beautiful smooth grain and high contrast. It provides punchy black and white images that are perfect for street photography! It was originally coated for security surveillance cameras and intended to fight crime and was used in banks, ATMs, offices or sensible locations before the digital takeover. As a 400 ISO film, it’s easy to shoot, forgiving and becoming a go-to B&W film for many film photographers. To create more extreme contrast, just push up to +1 stop or more!

This film is also eco-friendly, and in 2020, Street Candy Film introduced the first alternative to plastic film canisters, with a brand new eco-friendly canister made of recycled cardboard & printed with soy ink.

This item is one 36-exposure roll of 35mm film.

Film format 35mm
Exposures 36
ISO 400
Film type Black and white