Suzuki 100 OM-100 Omnichord System

$ 599

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Behold. The Suzuki Omnichord is legendary, and this one is like new in its original box. It has its original batteries, manual, microfiber, and AC adaptor. The original film is still waiting to be peeled off of the strumplate (chills). Fully tested and ready to jam!

2 things about this here unit:

1. We aren't guaranteeing these batteries work. They are still sealed in plastic, and we'd rather keep it as "mint" as possible.

2. The last page of the manual has been torn out by us -- normally wouldn't do such a thing, but it had the previous owner's social security number on it (???). It was a blank page anyway, but just wanted to be as up front as possible.

Speaking of the manual, it's a goldmine of information. Straight from the manual itself: Enter the 90s with the all new omnichords! The all new Omnichords by Suzuki make it possible for you to sound like a pro, even if you've never played before. These electronic digital musicomputers provide you with the ultimate combination of musical instruments in a light weight, portable and dynamic sounding package never before available.

Omnichords can even be strummed like a guitar to add depth and expression to your music iwth teh amazing SonicStrings strumplate. Your pre-selected chord is electronically matched to the 4 octave strumplate so you can actually strum any song's correct chord progression... just like a guitar! All of Omnichord's functions can be used individually or in exciting combinations. There's no end to the music you can make! 

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